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Terms OF Policies

Terms of Service for BLACK TIE RIDES

Operational Jurisdiction:

BLACK TIE RIDES WORLDWIDE operates as a licensed service in San Franisco, Napa, Sonoma Wine Coutry, NewYork,Chicago,Dallas,Houstan,Los Angeles,Las Vegas,Washginton D.C,Seattle and more. By accessing BTR website, blacklanetransportation.net and engaging in requests, purchases, or bookings through the site, the user and customer (“Client”) agree to and are bound by the terms of service (“TS”), website acceptable use policy (“AUP”), and privacy policy (“PP”) accessible at the specified web address for the PP. Rates, Fees, and Surcharges apply.

Pricing Structure:

Base Fares:

A fuel surcharge of 7% is added to the base fare for all services provided. Hourly invoicing is applicable, calculated from the moment the vehicle departs the BTR facility until its return. A minimum charge of two (2) hours on weekdays and three (3) hours on weekends is applied. All deposits are non-refundable unless specifically agreed upon in written form by ALS. Invoice statements will clearly detail stop time and wait time.


A twenty (20%) percent gratuity for the chauffeur is automatically added onto the base fare.

Wait Time:

Wait time charges apply for point-to-point reservations beyond the grace period. Grace periods vary for different services. For bus schedules, time tracking commences at the scheduled pick-up time due to unmonitored schedules.

Limousines or Buses:

Out-of-pocket charges for limousines or buses, including tolls, parking fees, airport charges, and other expenses, are itemized on the invoice statement.

Airport Surcharge:

BLACK TIE RIDES WORLDWIDE offers an airport greeter service at all major airports for a fee of forty-five ($45.00) dollars. A surcharge of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars applies for sedan or SUV pick-ups from the airport between 12:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m.

Reservation Policies:


All reservations and cancellations require confirmation from BTR. The Cancellation Fee (“CF”) includes the full fare plus a twenty (20%) percent gratuity, along with any additional costs or surcharges already accrued by BTR in preparation for the scheduled pick-up. A CF will be charged for any reservation not canceled at least twelve (12) hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

Referral Fees:

BLACK TIE RIDES WORLDWIDE may engage affiliated companies for service delivery. Referral fees may apply.


Invoices are charged to the customer’s credit card linked to their account. BLACK TIE RIDES WORLDWIDE accepts major credit cards.

Additional Fees:

No-Show Fees:

A no-show fee will equate to the projected trip cost, inclusive of any relevant service fees and applicable wait time, plus a twenty (20%) percent gratuity.

Holiday Surcharge:

A thirty-five ($35.00) dollar holiday surcharge applies to trips on specific holidays.

Event Services:

All vehicle types for Event Services are charged based on the current BTR hourly rate.

Liability and Client Conduct:

Damage to Vehicle:

The Client assumes responsibility for damages incurred to BTR property. Specific fees apply for damages.

Best Efforts and Limit of Liability:

BLACK TIE RIDES WORLDWIDE will make best efforts to deliver services as requested but is not liable for delays beyond its control. BTR is not responsible for lost or damaged belongings.

Client Behavior:  

Drivers retain the authority to prohibit smoking, alcohol consumption, and inappropriate behavior. BTR reserves the right to terminate services for non-compliance.

Website Acceptable Use Policy:

Hacking, Viruses, & Network Attacks:

Unauthorized access and any attempt to breach security systems are strictly prohibited.

Respect for Intellectual Property:

Users must refrain from infringing upon BTR intellectual property rights.

Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy– Subject to Change:

BLACK TIE RIDES WORLDWIDE reserves the right to modify these terms. Continued usage implies acceptance of the policy and any alterations made. Reservations made prior to changes will be honored based on the policies and rates in effect at the time of booking.

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